COLON MEGA FORT!  DIETARY SUPPLEMENT THAT WORKS AS A DEPURATIVE AND CLEANSER OF THE DIGESTIVE TRACT AND AT THE SAME TIME IMPROVING METABOLISM IN GENERAL!  COLON MEGA FORT!  DETOXES AND CLEANS THE DIGESTIVE SYSTEM AND LIVER!  • How does it work?  • Green coffee beans are beans that have not yet been roasted. These coffee beans contain a higher amount of the chemical, chlorogenic acid.  This chemical has health benefits.  high blood pressure can improve by dilating the blood vessels so that it is reduced.

For weight loss, the chlorogenic acid in green coffee improves how the body handles blood sugar and metabolism.  • It is very good to help in the detox diet.  Thanks to this substance, it is possible to cleanse the liver and colon to rid it of toxins, bad cholesterol, unnecessary fats, etc.  When the liver and colon detoxify, they work much better and therefore our metabolism and our health appreciate it.  IT HAS AN EFFECT AGAINST CONSTIPATION AND GASES REGULATING THE GASTROINTESTINAL CYCLE • Did you know that 80% of the world’s women as well as a considerable amount of Men suffer from constipation?

In addition to not being able to have a bowel movement, people with constipation may experience the following symptoms:

* Pain and cramps

* Swelling in the abdomen

* Loss of appetite

* Nausea and vomiting

* Difficulty urinating

* Confusion


Common causes of constipation include the following:

* Not eating enough foods with fiber

* Not drinking enough water or other liquids

* Do not exercise


What complications can it have?

Constipation is not a mere annoyance and can cause recurrent urinary infections, alteration of sexuality due to decreased libido and orgasms;  Fecal incontinence, gallstones, anal fissures and in older adults can lead to ischemia of the colon, rectal ulcers and involuntary urine output, even during sleep.  In some cases, colon cancer can be generated.  For its diagnosis, a good clinical examination is required, but additional analyzes may be required, such as images of the intestinal transit, defecography and the test known as “balloon expulsion”.

By taking Colon Megafort daily you will have the satisfaction of going to the bathroom regularly and you will feel like a feather in the air!


Green coffee stands out like that Natural laxative !!!  Its secret To facilitate intestinal transit is in the caffeine itself.  All those people who are more sensitive to the problem of constipation should take COLON MEGAFORT regularly in the morning. Green coffee promotes muscle contractions in the large intestine.  Its effect is the same as when we have just eaten at noon and the body proceeds to stimulate intestinal transit.

Regular consumption of green coffee stimulates the production of bile acids.  If the bile reaches the intestines properly, all this will be beneficial for their health, effectively treating constipation.

  • Psyllium husk is the external part of the Plantago ovata seed and due to the large quantity and quality of soluble fiber it contains, it is used therapeutically to promote intestinal transit, thus preventing constipation and keeping the bacterial flora healthy and  active.
  • Fennel (Fennel), a great ally for digestion or heavy digestions, states of stomach fullness and the presence of gases, helping to relieve gastrointestinal spasms.
  • Cascara Sagrada that restores the natural tone of the colon and causes a smooth and regular increase in peristaltic movements of the intestine.  KEEP YOUR COLON CLEAN, FREE OF IMPURITIES AND TOXINS!  REGULATE YOUR INTESTINAL TRANSIT!
  • Ginger (ginger) that helps digestion and is a very powerful natural anti-inflammatory that helps prevent colic.
  • Senna Leaf (Sen) is a laxative.  Stimulates the movements of the muscles in the intestines.
  • Buckthorn bark (buckthorn bark) which is a natural antiparasitic with laxative properties.


  • Licorice root (Licorice Root) that provides efficient control of heartburn.
  •  Rhubarb (rhubarb root) fiber to facilitate digestion, vitamin K for healthy bone growth and neuronal function in the brain
  •  Black walnut (Nogal Negro) to support the cleansing and detoxification processes of the body.  Promotes intestinal transit and supports skin health.

.   It has also been shown to aid digestive health and support parasite elimination.


  • Wormwood (Wormwood) as a helper in liver and gallbladder problems.  It increases the secretion of bile juices, decongesting the liver and improving its functions, this is very important since liver health plays a fundamental role in all the functions of the body.
  • Aloe Vera (Cape Aloe) Control the weight!  Because its juice has many digestion and detoxification benefits, it helps the body maintain a stable weight.  … Helps with digestion.  … Improves immunity.  … Reduce stress.  … Improves heart health.  … Cleanses the skin.  … Improves liver functions.


  • Red Trevol (Red Clover) Among the vitamins that we can highlight among the nutritional properties of red clover are Vit C, Vit B3 or niacin, which acts in the metabolism of proteins and fats, and Vit B1 or thiamine  , responsible for transforming carbohydrates and intestinal metabolism functions,.

-As we can see, it is a product that with its unique and inimitable combination benefits the liver, colon, gallbladder, stomach, as well as accelerates the uptake of vitamins, helps the immune system, maintenance of skin and bones, improving constipation and  detoxifying, eliminating toxins, helping you lose weight which translates into INTEGRAL HEALTH!



  • Colon Mega Fort It has a unique combination which makes it different in the North American market!  There are no copies!  That is why at Smart nutrition lab we develop #naturalhumantechnology each product studied and developed by us has a scientific basis!

We are unique and different!  Guaranteeing you success and effectiveness in each therapy!  We combine the components so that when you take each Colon Mega Fort capsule you have a pharmacologically guaranteed product in its entirety, with the effectiveness you need and manufactured in our pharmaceutical plant (approved by the FDA)!  Not everyone can say the same !


We have FDA approval as a pharmaceutical plant to produce natural products, with quality standards and certified regulation and control standards with good manufacturing practices, which will give you the confidence that you are consuming products with the development of natural human technology!  #naturalhumantechnology This additionally means that each component does not have natural modifications, they are 100%, without any type of chemical additives, which will avoid the appearance of side effects and 100% made in the USA in our pharmaceutical plant (approved by the FDA),  what makes us unique!  since our combinations are pioneers and do not have copies!  This is very important since we have scientifically studied each of our products to offer you the best!  We have mixed the best components, with the best quality, to guarantee that each capsule you consume gives you the desired effect. Quality is a fundamental part of our development!  Your body, that perfect machine, needs to stay in good condition on the outside and above all on the inside, helping the natural processes of your body, since every day the challenges are greater and guaranteeing quality youth, adulthood and longevity is our commitment!  We are Smart Nutrition Lab!  We are unique in the North American market, developing products for people like you every day!  Definitely smart people!


We at Smart Nutrition Lab have studied the relationship that exists scientifically speaking between knowledge and research!  That is why each natural and unique product developed with our technology describes the affinity known as the ability of a drug or natural product to bind with the specific receptor and form the product-receptor complex,

Intrinsic activity is the property that our products have once attached to the receptor to be able to generate a stimulus and trigger the response or pharmacological effect.  They also call it efficiency.

Those products that meet these two characteristics (affinity + intrinsic activity) are known as agonist products, in this way we also differentiate ourselves with our new technology from what already exists on the market, marking a before and after in the prevention and maintenance of  throughout the time of your body, generating that effect you are looking for and that will help you stay in good shape inside and out!


At Smart Nutrition Lab we have studied Pharmacology with our specialists in depth (from the Greek pharmakos and logos)

And we have discovered with #naturalhumantechnology that When one of our products synthesizes its components does something extraordinary to your biological system, this compound falls into an elite class of substances and is classified as effective!  this is precisely what we are looking for!

You should also be clear that we apply every day in our plant the development of the Science of our products: composition, uses and effects.

The study of the relationships between our products and human beings (includes the use of natural components as tools for the study of cellular functions). We want to explain some concepts that will help you understand what our development is based on #naturalhumantechnology, namely:

Pharmacognosy: is the study of raw materials of plant or animal origin that are used in therapeutics or are of interest to other pharmaceutical fields (chemical, cosmetic, dietary hemisynthesis, etc.).

Human pharmacotherapy: it is the hierarchy of the therapeutic effect (molecular, cellular, tissue, etc.) of the products.

Pharmacokinetics: what does the body do with our natural products?

Pharmacodynamics: what do our products do in the body?

Clinical pharmacology: evaluation of the effect of our products on humans.

Pharmacoepidemiology: effects in large populations that merit further study.

Pharmacogenetics: genetic bases of variations in response to

the compounds of a product within the population.

and a very important one for us!  Toxicology: studies of the undesirable effects of drugs in general, which throughout our lives have filled our body with chemicals, it is time to break with this and consume 100% natural components!  Our digestive, mental, liver, kidney systems, etc. will thank us and this is our North in Smart Nutrition Lab!


Natural medicine is based on the use of natural components in order to help the body activate its self-regulatory mechanisms, that is, stimulate the body’s innate healing capacity and achieve mental and body balance.

At Smart Nutrition Lab we have a wide variety of natural, phytotherapeutic and beauty products with high scientific evidence that can help us prevent diseases and treat certain ailments without side effects such as allopathic products and without becoming tolerant after frequent use, we always have a base  scientific in our research and product development, this makes us unique and different!


In our pharmaceutical plant that meets all FDA standards, we develop the cosmetic

Natural that is based on using ingredients of plant origin and adapting them to our skin to take full advantage of its benefits.

Among the advantages it offers, we can first find the quality and durability of its aromas, its tolerance and the high proportion of active ingredients, also promoting ecology, so we contribute to the environment!


Why should you use the natural products from Smart Nutrition Lab?

  1. Because We use technology to take advantage of all the nutrients in each compound used.
  2. Because we do not have synthetic preservatives, dyes, silicones or pesticides toxic to health, no more chemistry for your body!
  3. We work day by day developing products respecting the environment, thinking of a green world, 100% natural, that offers us a future for our children.
  4. All our products are studied and developed on a scientific basis, so they additionally stimulate the body’s innate healing capacity.
  5. There are no presence of adverse effects and your body will have a greater tolerance when taking them.


  1. Our anti-wrinkle cream has components with the ability to better adapt to your skin since they are formulated with elements that have a greater affinity with your epidermis, with a higher quality and durability of the aroma, obtaining a penetration that in the long term will not only disappear  wrinkles, which is the premise of all those on the market, but we go further!  What is the non-appearance of these again, which makes it ideal for use by both women and men who want to look good, and avoid the damage of the years!  .
  2. We guarantee in Smart Nutrition Lab a High proportion of bioavailability of all the components of our products in your body!  Which guarantees greater tissue penetration where you specifically need it!


For all these reasons we can conclude that our natural products are the best alternative to take care of your health and our environment.  We all seek to take care of our body, keep it healthy, guaranteeing all its functions!  Smart Nutrition Lab will always provide you with this!



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Dietary supplement that works as a depurative and cleanser of the digestive tract and at the same time improving metabolism in general!  Colon mega fort! Detoxes and cleans the digestive system and liver!




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