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Bars, social clubs and restaurants require an audio system that delivers crisp and clear audio.

You might only use audio services to create an ambience or you might require a versatile system that can be both subtle for day-to-day use and loud for parties, DJ’s, live events, social gatherings and private events.

A multi-zone audio system gives you the ability to set different volume levels and audio programmes in different areas of your business premises. Allowing you to create different moods throughout your business, or can safely give customers access to AV systems for private hire events. Audio zones can be controlled easily from one central location or from multiple locations. Simplified controls will allow your staff and guests to use these audio systems with the minimum of training.

We install and design audio systems for a very wide range of applications, environments and requirements. Audio systems can be retrospectively added to your business premises, or a discrete audio system can be installed during the renovation or build stages of your business premises.

Let us install video systems that can deliver anything from basic TV to highly advanced IP video systems. With the ultimate goal of giving you centralized and simplified control over your video screens.

We integrate and design and install digital signage systems, allowing you to use your screens for marketing and advertising purposes over and above typical services such as Live TV.